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    • Several surface treatment methods for steel parts processing

      Surface treatment is the process of forming a cover layer on the surface of the workpiece by a certain method. The purpose of the surface treatment is to make the surface of the product beautiful and anti-corrosion. The surface treatment methods are all attributed to the following methods: 1, hot-dip galvanizing: through the carbon steel parts immersed in the temperature of about 510 degrees of dis...

    • How to deal with the fracture of die steel

      The fracture problem of mould steel is a common problem of materials. Some materials experts have discovered that the quenching process of raw materials can make it difficult to fracture. There are serious carbide segregation in the raw materials, and the quenched workpiece is not tempered and tempered sufficiently in time. The superposition of excessive residual internal stress and new internal st...

    • What kind of material is metal stamping die (steel) commonly

      There are many kinds of steel for stamping die. There are many mould factories using 9 silicon chromium (9SiCr) and chromium tungsten manganese (CrWMn). This is one of the best choices. However, this kind of material has high requirements for forging and heat treatment. What kind of material is metal stamping die (steel) commonly used? We can refer to the following six points: 1, the material commo...

    • Mold quality problems will seriously affect the performance

      [silicon (Si)] Effect of 1. silicon on the properties of steel Favorable effects: (1) silicon has a strong effect on improving the hardness and strength of ferrite and austenite. (2) silicon can improve the wear resistance of steel, significantly improve the elastic limit, yield strength and yield strength ratio of steel, and improve fatigue strength. (3) silicon can improve the oxidation resistanc...

    • Eight notices for annual maintenance of annotated moulds

      The annual maintenance procedure required for each injection molding position depends on different mold cycle cycles. Here are some general principles that can be used to ensure the effective operation of die components, such as hot runner, heater, guide column, and thimble, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. 1. Check whether there is any early warning of rust or moisture in the blowhole. If y...

    • What are the common quality problems of extrusion dies

      The quality of the die will seriously affect the performance of the extrusion die and the production of the related parts. Therefore, when the extrusion die is designed and produced, we must pay attention to the factors that affect the quality of the product so as to avoid the production of the workpiece that can not be used normally. 51 mold material network summarized technical experts on the ext...

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