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    This is a leading German forging company!
    Saarschmiede GmbH (SAL forging) has two new and old forge, a combination of traditional and modern technology. To 2013, the original forging workshop has 100 years of production history. The new forging workshop after nearly two years of construction, with the opening in May 8, 2010, the total investment amounted to 450 million euros. This scale of investment is the largest single investment in Saarland, Germany is also the largest single investment. It can be said that Sarkozy forging factory is one of the most modern global free forging enterprises.
    The main products are introduced:
    Special alloy
    ARIANE 5 propeller cap
    Sal forged steel plant is now one of the world's top supplier of high standard application conditions required for special alloys and super alloys.
    The company's product portfolio includes ultra-high strength heat-treated steel, maraging steel, high temperature resistant steel, stainless steel (including precipitation hardening stainless steel, bearing steel and high quality engineering steel), and high temperature nickel and cobalt based parts.
    After processing all kinds of raw materials made of steel, disc, ring, hollow parts and mold pre workpiece.
    We will be 2-30 tons of spindle made the smallest parts (processing with minimum tolerances) and workpiece size greatly. We have various categories of equipment widely and produces a variety of vacuum metallurgy technology to meet the most stringent requirements of various materials.
    VIM, VAR and ESR as well as three heavy melting technology constitute the basis for our production of advanced materials.
    Nickel and cobalt alloys
    Alloy718 Roulette
    The stability of nickel and cobalt based alloy workpiece we produce are required to withstand extremely high temperature and can keep the higher.
    Customers from all walks of life, including the power generation industry (gas turbine and high efficiency power generation equipment), chemical (polyester bottle production compressor), petrochemical industry (strong corrosion resistant application environment must ensure high acid and salt tolerance), marine engineering, industrial furnace construction (high temperature application) and tool steel processing industry (mould and mould industry) Forging semi-finished products; the production of automobile industry and other industries high requirements on the wear resistance of parts required plastic mold steel).
    Alloy286 gas turbine ring
    Special steel / stainless steel
    ARIANE 5 propeller ring and cover
    The stainless steel and special steel we produce should be used in a variety of harsh conditions, such as high humidity, strong corrosion, or high friction, and the resistance to steel is very high.
    The clients of the Saar forged steel plant are from the power plant (hydroelectric power generation), marine engineering, marine and shipbuilding industry (ship propeller shaft; special non magnetized material), oil and natural gas industry (oil refinery safety related components), food industry, chemical industry and nuclear industry (cooling water pump parts).
    The top 250 Maraging
    General machinery
    Mill spindle
    Sal forged steel plant available in a variety of sizes and weights and various grades and the machining quality of parts for mechanical engineering in the field of global scope.
    Each of the parts are in accordance with the specific requirements of customers of materials for smelting, forging, quenching, tempering and processing. The close communication between our customers and decades of professional experience so that we can find out the functional and economic benefits optimal solution.
    At the same time, we in the general machinery field is also improved the process, and is willing to further development of material to make recommendations to the customer.
    heavy machinery
    Stepped shaft
    The Saar forging steel plant makes various kinds of products for heavy machinery customers, mainly press construction (rod, support, nut, ring and cylinder) and the parts of rolling mill (connecting the spindle and connecting the main axle head).
    In addition, we also ship engine and propeller drive system for shaft forging production.
    More importantly, Mr for heavy machinery forging steel (including special machinery) the implementation of a series of major projects.
    Mill spindle
    Pull rod
    Waste containers (nuclear waste)
    The nuclear waste storage tank
    The core components of the nuclear transport container are the core components of the nuclear transport container, which can ensure the safe transportation of the fuel elements, which is the core part of the nuclear transport container, which is the final weight of up to 100 tons. Therefore, the related forgings must meet the requirements of the highest quality materials.
    The nuclear waste storage tank
    Pipe die
    Pipe die
    Ductile iron pipe production with our long mold life for decades, the benefit of our customers. The high value of our liquid mold can produce maximum diameter DN 2000mm pipeline, the pipeline liquid can be sent to hundreds of kilometers outside the target location.
    Die blank
    The construction unit / container
    Grinding machine cylinder
    Our products can be used to extend the preservation time of food production, "near net shape" powder metallurgy and ceramic parts, or testing marine equipment under operating conditions.
    The main body of the container, which is made through the forging of the spindle or through the perforation of the solid forging rod, is the core component of the isostatic press, which can withstand the extreme pressure of up to 5000 bars.
    We provide comprehensive services from advanced structural steel and stainless steel smelting factory to the subsequent pressure can be directly installed equipment production for customers.
    Extrusion cylinder equipment
    Rolling technology
    We produce integral or two piece forging rolls, hot rolling rolls with excellent ductility, neck strength and toughness, and maximum bending fatigue strength, and the highest quality forging parts for rolling mills for international rolling mill construction.
    Roll very wide range of application of our production. For example, bending machine equipment forging steel produced by Sal roll can be used for the maximum length of 26m (steel pipe construction or shipbuilding) forming.
    Roll blank
    Ring parts for mine equipment
    In terms of mining, the giant crusher shaft, weighing up to 100 tons, can be used for crushing crusher. The conveyor shaft produced by Sal forge is also used for the transportation and deep processing of raw materials such as ores or coal.
    In addition, the forging rings made by us are made by deep processing of customers as primary products.
    Crusher shaft
    Wind power generation
    ESR ingot
    In terms of wind power generation, the Saer forge steel plant provides ESR raw materials and forging rings with a maximum diameter of 4m and a maximum weight of 30 tons for the roller bearing production of wind power plants.
    ESR ingot
    The smelting processes used for ingot production include EL, ESR and VIM/VAR.
    Partially Prepared Products
    Flat shaped forgings
    Square: 200mm to 1600mm
    Circle: 300mm to 1600mm
    Flat: width: About 200mm to 4000mm
    Thickness: 200mm to 1600mm (width to thickness ratio not exceeding 10:1)
    In addition, our partner AG der Dillinger H u ttenwerke can also help customers roll workpieces.
    Other sizes can be provided according to customer requirements
    To subcontract
    forging process
    The Saer forge steel company has the necessary subcontracting production equipment, which includes forging, heat treatment, mechanical processing and remelting.
    In addition to producing primary materials for our own use, we also have extensive experience in processing various materials, such as aluminum and titanium alloys.
    Machining workshop

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