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    Selection of mould material
    The selection of mold material before we talk about the mold material, we must first understand some basic things of the injection mold. First, it is the classification of the mold. In general, the mold is divided into five stages according to the length of the service life. The first class is more than a million times, the two is 500 thousand ----100 million, the three is 300 thousand -----50 million, and the four is 100 thousand ---30 million times. The five level is below 100 thousand times. The grade one and the two mould are required to use the steel which can heat the hardness of around HRC50. Otherwise, it is easy to wear, and the injection product is very poor. Therefore, the selected steel should have good heat treatment performance, and have good cutting performance under high hardness. Of course, there are other considerations. . Because I seldom touch the domestic plastic mold steel, I can only introduce the commonly used imported materials in the Pearl River Delta. Usually, Sweden's 8407, S136, 420, H13, 23162344083 of Europe, or SKD61 of Japan, DC53 (originally used for hardware, in special cases). A class of steel. Besides, the injection material and the filler have great influence on the selection, especially the wear of the glass fiber to the die.

    Some of the plastic materials have acid corrosion, some of the adding enhancers or other remolding agents, such as glass fiber to the mold damage, material should be considered in the material. Strong corrosive plastics generally choose S1362316420 steel, and weak corrosion except S1362316420, SKD61, NAK80, PAK90718M. Strong acid plastic materials are: PVC, POM, PBT weak acid plastic materials are: PC, PP, PMMA, PA,
    The appearance of the product also has a great influence on the selection of the mold material. The transparent parts and the surface are required to throw the mirror. The selected materials are S1362316718S, NAK80, PAK90420, and the high transparency of the mold should be selected S136, followed by 420.

    The above is to meet the requirements of the product, but as a designer, you only consider these words, you can not not only become a good designer, you may have a problem, the cost of the mold you need is the most important, you have to consider the price, compare S136 and 2316, the difference of 55 per kilogram. 60 yuan. If you choose the wrong way, your boss is not going to fail to get the bill or to go bankrupt.

    Three stage mold with prehardened material, the grades are: S136H, 2316H, 718H, 083H, hardness HB270----340, four or five grade mold with P2071873861823112711, for the requirements of the low mold, and may use S50C, 45# steel, that is directly on the mold cavity. Bulletproof glass glue

    Molding shrinkage of common plastics

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