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    "Ground bar steel"
    In order to check the results of the ban on "ground bar steel", at present, the 18 inspector groups of the fourth inspector of the State Council have gone to 18 provinces, such as Hebei, Tianjin, and other provinces (districts and cities) to carry out field supervision, and whether the "land bar steel" enterprise has been one of the inspector contents in accordance with the national requirements before the end of June. In August, the country will once again sent inspection teams to the country for special checks." The relevant state departments responsible person told the newspaper "," China metallurgical steel China news network.

    "Ground of steel"

    Since the beginning of July 7th, the environmental protection inspection team has started to Tianjin and the surrounding area "2+26" City seventh times to strengthen the supervision work. In Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, which is called "the biggest action in the history of environmental protection", the supervision of air pollution prevention and control in the surrounding areas has been full 3 months. In 3 months, 28 inspector groups have checked 32408 enterprises (units), among which there are 20602 enterprises with environmental problems, and the rate of the problem has reached 63.6%, showing environmental pressure.

    The inquiry found that the past licensing and new emission permits, in addition to the same name, meaning is completely different. The license is a record of the administrative license, the control index of total enterprise basic information and main pollutants. After being sent to the enterprise, it is often locked into the drawer. It does not realize the actual environmental management function, and it is not possible to carry the role of the basic system of the fixed pollution source management. While the new license content includes enterprises to fulfill all statutory duties involving the discharge of pollutants.

    environmental protection

    Recently, from the Eighth China Iron and steel energy conservation and emission reduction forum, the Ministry of environmental protection will release the official draft of the application of the steel industry emission permit and the technical specification in late July of this year. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the Ministry of environmental protection will complete about more than 5000 iron and steel enterprises in the country, including about 650 enterprises with iron making and steelmaking capacity and 4350 independent rolling enterprises to complete the issuance of new emission permits.

    energy consumption

    Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology also reached the national major industrial special energy saving monitoring task in 2017. The task involved 31 provinces and municipalities and 5689 enterprises in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps. Among them, there were 448 iron and steel enterprises involved in the special monitoring of energy consumption in the iron and steel industry, and there were 108 enterprises in Hebei province.

    Wang Guoqing, an analyst, said that in the process of environmental supervision, there should be part of the unregulated enterprise reform, and if the rectification or disagreement is unregulated, it may face a risk of withdrawal.

    In addition to the supervision of environmental protection, the product quality supervision department of the State Quality Inspection Administration has also decided to carry out the inspection and inspection of the product quality of the licensed enterprises for the license of steel products. It will carry out the post certificate supervision and inspection for the randomly selected enterprises of steel product production license from July to the end of September, mainly according to the production license. The relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of the national standard product of the production of products tested. The product quality supervision and inspection of the enterprise is taken as the inspection object of the hot rolled steel products and bearing steel products, and 100 random samples are selected from the certified enterprises for supervision and inspection.


    In terms of security, in June 30th, the Security Production Committee of the State Council issued the "Notice of the safety production Committee of the State Council on carrying out the national safety production inspection" ("the" notice "), which is scheduled to carry out large safety inspection and inspection throughout the country from July 2017 to October.


    "The notice" points out that the emphasis should be given to enterprises in mines and metal smelting industries to carry out standardized construction of safety production, implement safety production management, operation skills, equipment and facilities and the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of operation site, and focus on strict supervision of law enforcement and crack down on all kinds of safety production and occupational health violation. Law violations, the closure of backward small mines, small chemicals and small iron and steel enterprises that do not meet the safety conditions; at the same time, in view of the key industry areas and the characteristics of safety production in flood season, the safety risk identification, classification management and management of hidden danger are organized.

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