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    What are the main factors that affect the machinability of d
    Generally speaking, a good material fee knife is expensive, which means that the machinability of the die steel is influenced by the material itself, and the material characteristics are mainly composed of its chemical composition, hardness and so on. Besides, what other factors affect machinability? The main factors that affect the machinability of die steels include:

    Chemical composition of 1. steel

    The chemical composition of steel is very important. The higher the alloy composition of steel, the harder it is to be processed. When the carbon content increases, the metal cutting performance decreases.

    The structure of 2. steel

    The structure of steel is also very important for metal cutting performance. Different structures include: cast, cast, extruded, rolled and machined. Forgings and castings have very difficult surfaces to be machined.

    Hardness of 3. steel

    Hardness is an important factor affecting metal cutting performance. The general rule is that the harder the steel is, the harder it is to work. High speed steel (HSS) can be used to process materials with the highest hardness of 330-400HB; high speed steel titanium nitride (TiN) coating can be used to process materials with the highest hardness of 45HRC; for materials with 65-70HRC hardness, hard alloys, ceramics, cermets and cubic boron nitride (CBN) must be used.
    Non metallic inclusion generally has adverse effects on tool life. For example, Al2O3 (alumina), it is pure ceramics, has a strong abrasive.

    4. residual stress

    The last one is residual stress, which can cause metal cutting performance. It is generally recommended to release the stress after rough machining.

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