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    After the die steel is finished, there are sand holes in the
    In the processing of some large parts of die steel, it will be found that there is a sand hole in the center position, which often causes very bad effect on the quality of the product. So, what is the reason for the sand hole in the middle of the die steel?

    Generally speaking, most of the sand holes in die steel are modules, which are the problems of module forging, which may be inadequately forged, or problems in the previous casting process. And flattening is generally not a problem.

    Some experienced die steel people think that because of the shrinkage of the original billet center, or in the process of forging, it will continue to forge a core to create a crack in the core after the temperature is lower than the final forging temperature. If the mold center has a large hole, it can be machined out. In the past 80-90 years, the Cr12MoV round steel of the West steel mill was bought.

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